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John Denver Travels on Some New Roads: YEAP Chin Poh’s newspaper article  from Malaysia

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 From: To:

Carol, what a great idea!

"John Denver Memorial Bench in Central Park, NYC" by Jo FallingRock Smith New York City, New York

"If all the beasts were gone, man would die from loneliness of spirit." Chief Seattle. These words could just as well have been John's words. John had an Indian's love of Mother Earth. "I am one who dances with the mountains. I am one who dances in the wind." These are the words of John Denver, "Oh the Yellowstone, Oh the buffalo free, Oh my brother the wolf, my lover the moon."

John loved to be in the "out of doors", the wilderness. He dedicated his life, musical and personal, to spreading his dream of preserving that wilderness and all it's inhabitants. And we are finding out that he did get his message across, to many.

John Denver is a phenomenon. A person outstanding for some extreme quality or achievement. John had the extreme quality of being able to impact the lives of thousands, without ever physically touching them. And for the one's who were so lucky to have had the privilege of actually meeting this man, he performed miracles. John's achievement was that he brought to the attention of the world, the beauty and grace of the mountains, the rivers and oceans, the gentle wildlife, and the fierce need for us to join together to preserve our natural resources. His songs were his prayers to the non believers.

I am a water-color landscape artist. For over 26 years John Denver has been the inspiration behind all my paintings. Although I was born with a deep love for the wilderness, and have spent most of my life as a camper, John's music has always been my life's soundtrack. If I can not be up in the mountains to paint, I still have John's words and music to inspire me. And he will continue to inspire me and thousands more, for the rest of our lives. For the love of John and the heart felt desire to have him remembered forever, I envisioned this Memorial Bench by the lake in Central Park. John once said that Central Park was a testament to just how much man needs to have nature around him, that this prime piece of land in the middle of New York City would be left alone so that we would have a place to walk in nature and renew our spirit. Some fans wrote to tell me that they had seen John walking through the park right before his NYC concerts, and he was smiling and whistling. These stories made the park an even more special place for John's memorial to be. So go walk through the forest, by a clear blue mountain lake, wonder at the graceful way of flowers in the wind. And if you are real quiet, you will hear John's Windsong through the tops of the trees. And if you are in New York City, come sit on John's Memorial Bench, look out over the lake. Maybe John will come sit by your side. And if you listen real closely, you just might hear him whistling.


From Frank DeLaMarre To Carol Campisi, December 14, 1998
TAKE HIM HOME A Tribute to John Denver Song-Frank DeLaMarre, all rights reserved

Just like you, he came to us
For all too short a time
But he came and made his mark
And gave meaning to the rhyme
He taught us how to laugh and love
He taught us how to live
He taught us the ways of peace
And showed us how to give

Take him home, take him home
All I ask of you, is take him home

He longed to watch his children grow
He loved to watch them play
He gave them all that he could give
And helped them find their way
He taught them how to laugh and love
He taught them how to live
He taught them the ways of peace
And showed them how to give

Take him home, take him home
All I ask of you, is take him home

He danced across the mountains
And flew the clear blue sky
He sailed across the ocean
And then he said goodbye

Just like you, he came to us
For all too short a time
But he came and made his mark
And gave meaning to the rhyme
He taught us how to laugh and love
He taught us how to cry
He taught us the ways of peace
And then he said goodbye

Take him home, take him home
All I ask of you, is take him home
Oh, all I ask of you, is take him home

All profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to The Hunger Project. WWW: Frank sang this song in Aspen during the October 12, 1998 memorial. He also performed in April 1998 at The Mint in Los Angeles. He has recorded several other songs, two of my most favorite are I Could Never Let You In and I'd Rather Be In Colorado.

From Carol Cooley

to Carol Campisi, October 30, 1998

John Denver meant a lot to me from his early days in the Mitchell Trio. As a 16 year old high school sophomore and newcomer to the Chicago area, I attended the Mitchell Trio’s concert at our 1966 Homecoming. Though I liked my new home, 9 months still found me feeling a little lonesome for my home, school, and friends in Fort Worth, Texas. There was this lively guy, the singer, who kept talking about "Texas this" and "Texas that" on and off through the show. I elbowed my girlfriend and said that after the show, I was gonna go talk to that guy and find out where his hometown was...

John was as friendly as anything and seemed delighted to meet a "fellow Texan." He shared a couple of funny high school experiences. He knew the area I was from though he was from across town. He signed his autograph to me "yea Texas!" (I still have that autograph.) Some newspaper shots were taken by student journalists, and I still have those too. I wasn’t involved with that, and so the fact that I have them is really an "accident."

As John rose to stardom in the 70’s, I was an avid fan; saw several of his concerts. Seeing him brought back a lot of weird memories. At one point, we had lived close to the flight pattern of Carswell AFB, and it makes me feel odd to think his dad was probably flying some of those planes. These memories warmed my heart. At 8, Texas seemed larger that life already!! The memories get all jumbled up with those I have of the early days of the space program, etc. etc. etc. To be in Texas in those days........

Like John’s, my family moved often. We weren’t in the military, but as a kid, I went to 6 schools in 3 states. I knew what it was to be new on the block, especially with a Texas accent!! When I read his book later on, I could really identify with that part of life.

As time went on, I "grew up" with him. As the 70’s moved on, environmental consciousness was in us all, and there he was singing "Eagle and the Hawk", or riding horseback in Alaska. I dreamed of going there too, and actually did, about 9 years later! I visited Colorado, shot lots of photos, and painted several paintings of the Rockies - even painted one of John in his cowboy hat! I made a fall slide show, and used his fall selection of the "Seasons Suite" as the background music. I still show the slides.

When he and Annie had trouble, my own marriage did too, and after I remarried, I heard he had done that too, and in my heart I was so glad. It broke my heart when I learned that that relationship also broke up. How could that be? But then I do happens. Life isn’t easy.

I’ve read his book over and over and I understand the problems he had with his father. I had problems like that too. And then, like John, I lost my dad.

For several years I just wanted to write - to say hi - say how much I enjoyed the know I never did write that letter. I figured - yeah right---people probably fight with each other over who is taking care of John Denver. I figured that that bit of encouragement, or good will, or fan admiration, or just plain hello could come from anyone...maybe he wouldn’t remember me anyhow.......

It is said that singers touch our hearts, reach out and capture us right in our own living rooms, just with their music, and a sort of "relationship-feeling" develops.

I’m not a nut. I’m an educated, professional person with a serious job, a son, a marriage, and a life. I sing in my church, and say a prayer for John and his mom whenever I think of them. Today I have a lifelong love of birds and a reverence for the outdoors that I can’t help but believe that John’s presence and music contributed to. And things like that return again and again.

I guess this teaches me that if I feel the leaning to encourage, to say hi, to reach out to someone ... that I best not procrastinate but to just do it. Make the time to share the feeling.

I’ll never forget John. I look at the pictures, read the book, look at his autograph, and of course, play the tapes and records. I’ll be driving down the road and sing to myself: "We didn’t know who we were, we didn’t know what we did; we were just on the road..." The good memories will live on to connect with other events in our lives and produce more good memories, and we can share them with those who are around us, just the way John shared "Back Home Again."

Love, Carol Cooley

cooley.jpg (25793 bytes)
Carol Cooley 1966 and John signing autographs


Song - Copyright Dick Gaskill, California


Almost heaven, California
Cascade mountains
Sacramento River
Life is old there, older than the trees
younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Skyway roads, take me home
to the place, where I belong
California, golden mama
take me home, skyway roads
All my memories, gather round her,
sailor’s lady, neighbor to blue water
Light and golden, painted on the sky
miss the smell of salt air
teardrop in my eye


I hear her voice in the morning hours she calls me
radio reminds me of my home far away
flying through the clouds I get a feeling that I should have been there yesterday


 From Georgianne Crabill, New York

I first heard John Denver sing on a car radio while I was on vacation in Virginia in July of 1971. At first he was just another great voice singing a pretty song "Country Roads." As the years went by and I got to know John through his music, I realized what a precious gift he was from God. His wonderful words changed my way of thinking about the world, helped me to be more compassionate towards other people, and taught me that I am a special person too, in my own way. He helped me to see the beauty in everything around me, from something as small as a blade of grass, to the vastness of the ocean.

I will miss John every day of my life. My only regret is that I never had the chance to meet and talk with him. Every morning when I awake and every night before I fall asleep, I say this prayer for his beautiful soul: "Dear God, I pray for my beloved friend, John, in the hopes that he is at peace and living in the mountains of heaven."

Dear John, you are more special than you ever realized and there are millions who love you and still deeply mourn your loss. But I know that you are still with us and taking care of us. Please be at peace, my dear friend.

With love, Georgianne


A Moment Caught in Time

I captured a moment yesterday, and shared it with you.
We were together - one in your music -
in your love of life - and passion.

And we were clinging to a dream of a better world -
to a hope that this moment could last forever.
But even dreams cannot change destiny.

So we just held each other,
in memory, and we held time.
Evening turned to dusk, then night.
A streak of light broke the darkness before us
and we awoke realizing...
time cannot be held
and our hope dissolved into the newborn day.

So today has come. As tomorrow will come.
And the next day, and the next.
Because time refuses to be held...
even for two souls clinging to a dream.

So for now, in your absence -
I will reach for the stars you gave me that night.
I will soar like an eagle in the memories you left me,
and I will reflect back in time.
Back to that day - I captured a moment
and shared it with you.

Carol Campisi
Pacific Grove, CA



My Gift To You - Author Unknown

To reach up to the stars at night

and swing across the sky.

That’s just one thing I dream to do

before the day I die.

If I could buy those stars I see

and tie them with a bow,

they would be my gift to you

as you deserve them so

With face and eyes as kind as yours

And the joy you bring to me,

with little talks that help me out

My friend you’ll always be.

At times it’s hard to say such words

to a person in their sight.

But the words I wish to say to you

are in the sky at night.


13 Nov 1998


I am the woman who is getting this Memorial for John in Central Park. I can send you the link to the JD web site that has color photo’s of the Memorial site, and all the info on the bench, plus updates on how we are doing.

<A HREF=""></A>

I had a lot of nice people who attended the various JD Memorials on Oct. 12 giving out flyers about the JD Bench. It’s good to hear that the bench is being talked about. Now if we can only get the last $1,400 and make it a reality for our John. I then have to start planning the Formal Dedication of the Bench. That’s going to be fun!




14 Nov 1998


Tell all your wonderful John Denver friends that on Saturday, January 16th, the John Denver Memorial II concert will take place in Larkspur, CA at Ross Valley Masonic Auditorium, 1122 Magnolia Ave. (Call 510-234-8843 for any other details.) Many artists will be appearing that evening during this 3 day weekend.

Also, here in Monterey, we will be featuring Jerry John River in a concert, from Delft, Nederlands, who will sing all John Denver songs in the concert called "A Night of Song." Also appearing will be local singer/songwriter, my friend Terre Noble, who made a great CD last year. It will take place in the Unitarian Church of the Monterey Peninsula, 409 Aguajito Road, Carmel, at 7:30pm on Saturday night, January 9.

Love & Peace, Judy


3 December 1998


Thursday night, January 14, there will also be a concert featuring Jerry John River at the First Unitarian Church, 110 North Third Street. This concert will begin at 7:00pm and everyone is invited. Becky is in charge of the arrangements there. THANKS A MILLION for getting the word out!

7 December 1998


Hi Carol, well the update is that I received enough in donations for the bench! So, it is a reality! We will probably have the dedication in the spring, probably May. I will be posting in the news group and Rocky Mountain High site as the plans progress.

The bench is a reality and I thank everyone who supported me and John's Memorial with all my heart. Keep in touch my friend.

Peace and Hugs, Jo

             PATRICIA'S  SONG

Words by Dennis Ducey, Music by Dennis Ducey and Steve Gorman.

          Written for my lovely lady, Patricia.

Dedicated to the memory of John Denver who filled my heart with songs and taught it how to sing

Once    I  never knew      the Joy that Love could bring.

Once    I  never knew      that Love could make Me sing.

And then You came along     and filled  my  heart   with songs.

And  Now   my heart      Cries  Out  To    S - I - N - G - - - - - - - .

Touch Me with Your Smile      And   watch  My  Smile  G r o w .

Touch Me with Your Smile      And    Set   My   Heart   A g l o w .

For Love Is Just a Bond     That  grows  from  Day    to   Day

When  You  Share  All the Joy   You Find In Living   Every   D - a - y - - - .

So   Come Share Your Smile With Me   and  I  Will Share With You,

All The Joy     That Makes   Me    S - I - N - G - - - - - - - -  .

Touch Me With Your Smile      And   watch  My Smile G r o w .

Touch Me With Your Smile      And   Maybe You Will   Know

That Love Is Not A Game    That People  Sometimes  Play,

and  Love  Is Not All The Things     the    Poets try to   S - - A - - Y- - - - - - .

For Love Is Just A Bond     That Grows From Day   to  Day,

When We Share All the Joy    We Find In L i v i n g    E v e r y   D - a - y  - - -  .

So Come Share Your Smiles With Me    and  I Will Share With You,

All  The Joy       That   Love  can   B  --  R  --  I  --  N --  G  -  - - -  -  -  -  .

Touch Me With Your Smile        And  watch My Smile G r o w

Touch Me With Your Smile        And  maybe  you Will Know

W h y         I       Love   you - - -  S O - O - o - o - o - o  -  o  - -

You came into My Life and filled my heart with songs,

and Now My Heart Cries Out   ITS  Here That You  B - E -L - O - N - G - - - -  .

So Come Sing this Song with Me and Share the Joy It Brings

When   We      S - -I - - N - - G - - - - - - - - .

            (spoken)   sing it with me.

Touch Me With Your Smile      And watch My Smile G r o w.

Touch Me With Your Smile      And Set My Heart  A g l o w.

For Love Is Just A Bond That Grows From Day   to Day

When We Share All the Joy We Find In Living Every   D - a - y - - - - .

So Come Share Your Smiles With Me  and  I Will Share With You,

All The Joy      That Makes   Me   S -- I -- N -- G -- -- -- -- -- .

Touch Me with Your Smile and watch My Smile grow.

Touch Me with Your Smile --

And     Set      M - y    H-e-a-r-t    A - a - a  G - l - o - o - w - w - w - - -  .

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